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New Item
VERY NICE and RARE PARTIAL PALM FROND STEM with excellent 9 1/2" Diplomystus!
The palm Fronds are found in the Wyoming Green River Formation.Location: Kemmerer, Wyoming. This specimen is 50 million years old. The palm Frond is backed with 3/4" Burch plywood,has a cable hanger and can easily be displayed on a wall. It is trimed in oak. The size of plate is 25" X 13". The 9 1/2" Diplomystus is an excellent fish. This specimen shows up very nicely on the limestone rock.
Excellent collector or decor plate.
Item# PF108 $399.95 SOLD FREE shipping in the USA lower 48.    
Palm Frond stem Palm Frond stem

Here we have the 2 species of Phareodus, encaustus and testis. 2 rare Excellent specimens.This is NOT a composite plate but is as found in the quarry. Two find both species on the same plate is rare.Both fish have a mouth full of teeth.Only the very tips of the tails and fins have been touched up.The rest is all original and natural.
Size of plate is 38 1/2" long X 21 high" X 1 1/2" thick.It's wieght is 37 lbs.The encaustus is 22" long and the testis is 13" long.
Item# FEDU161       $4,995.00.SOLD This includes a shipping crate.
 Phareodus  Phareodus

Great Phareodus with 1 Mioplosus,1 Diplomystus and 21 Knightia.
Size of plate is 45" X 31" X 1 1/4".
VERY addractive plate and ready to hang.
Item# FDE101       $2,995.00.SOLD This includes a crate.

A great negative of a living fossil!!
Nice negative
Genus: Crossopolis. Species: magnicaudatus.
This paddlefish is 55 million year's old. Found at the 7200 feet elevation in the Green River formation. Located near Kemmerer, Wyoming, USA.
The paddlefish are the rarest described fish in the Green River Formation, represented usually by incomplete specimens (partial skulls and tails) the body consists mostly of cartilage and notochordal tissue. They same to be found only in the Fossil Lake deposits. Paddlefish are still living today and are only found in two of the worlds large river systems. That is the Mississippi River system of North America and in the Yangtze River system in China.
This specimen is 25" long and the plate is 22" wide by 32" high and has a 5/8" wood backing with hanger attached and beautifully trimed.
This negative plate had only a bone but the emprint from a positive was so great in detail that I decided to enhance and preserve this specimen.
This plate has nice color contrast.
Item# FEDU156b       $4,500.00 SOLD
paddlefish negative

The palm fronds are found in the Wyoming Green River Formation.Location: Kemmerer, Wyoming. This specimen is 50 million years old. The palm is backed with 3/4" strand board,with hanger and can be easily displayed on a wall. The size of plate is 33" wide x 57 1/2" high. There is a nice 17" Diplomyustus and 3 minni fish. This has a really nice natural color and the specimens show up nicely on the limestone rock.
Please click on the photo.
A nice collector or decor plate.
Item# FEDU158 $3,495.00 SOLD    
Palm Frond


Undetermined sp.
The Green River Formation has produced more complete or nearly complete articulated fossil birds than any other pre-Pleistocene locality in North America. Many of these birds (an Eocene galliform) were non-aquatic; they fell into the lake,somehow,and covered with sediment and fossilized in the same way the fish were. Feathers,legs,feet and skulls are more abundant than complete specimens (which are extremely rare).
This specimen is 7" long, skull is 1 3/4" long and the plate is 21" by 16" high. It also has 24 minni fish on the plate and has a 5/8" wood backing.
Very Excellent and Extremely Rare. No repair or touchup has been made to the bird specimen.
Item# F156       $17,000.00 SOLD
Bird Bird Bird Bird

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