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EXTREMELY RARE SOFT-SHELL "TRIONYX" TURTLE: Found at 7200 feet elevation in the Green River formation. Located near Kemmerer, Wyoming, USA. Complete articulated specimen such as this one are EXTREMELY RARE. Trionyx is a soft shelled aquatic turtle which still lives today but dates back to the Jurassic age. Modern trionychid turtles are found today in North America, Africa and Asia. This specimen is on it's orginal rock as excavated from the quarry.
Size of plate is 19 1/4" X 20".
Turtle is 11 1/4" from tip of nose to end of tail. Body is 7" X 6 1/4".
Excellent museum, decor or collector specimen.
Item# JM310       SOLD Only serious inquiries please.
Trionyx turtle

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