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Comparing Escorts And Sugar Babies In Singapore

In our previous post, we talked about the differences between social escorts and rent a friend services. However, what about that between escorts and sugar babies? These two seem vastly more similar to each other, so we shall dive deeper into this topic today! Keep in mind that the definitions of these terms may differ slightly in different countries. For the purpose of our blog, we will only talk about that for Singapore, as we are in Singapore!

First of all, let us first define what is an escort, and what is a sugar baby.

What is an escort?

An escort is often a girl, who is hired by a client to be his companion. Due to the high amount of money that the client usually pays to the escort, the girl usually tries to do whatever to keep the clients happy, as long as it is legal. Stuff like taking drugs together in Singapore is strictly illegal under all circumstances, and those are prohibited. Some Singaporean female escorts are hired to be an arm candy for a client to an event. Others are hired for sexual services – whether this is legal or not we will leave it till later to talk about. But most Singaporean female escorts are actually just hired simply to be a companion to the client. Social escorts in Singapore basically provide what is known as a girlfriend experience.

What is a sugar baby?

A sugar baby is basically a girlfriend, without the strings attached. A rich and often older gentleman will pay a pretty and often younger girl to be his girlfriend with no strings attached. Basically, they are girlfriends for hire, and there is no long term expectations to come out of the relationship. It starts when the guy pays the sugar baby, and when the girl pretends to be the sugar daddy’s girlfriend. It ends when the guy stops paying or when the girl does not wish to continue anymore. The difference between this and a normal relationship is that it is financial in nature, and there are no messy endings.

What are the differences between a female escort and a sugar baby in Singapore?

Prices and rates

While every escort and sugar baby sets their own rates, there are certain ballpark figures here. Most escorts set on a per hour basis, while sugar babies either set per meet up or monthly allowance in Singapore.

Most escorts in Singapore, regardless whether they are attached with an agency or are independents, tend to charge around $500 to $1500 per hour.

Most sugar babies charge between $300 to $800 per meet up, or $1000 to $3000 per month for a few meet ups a week.

While on paper, escorts sound a lot more expensive than sugar babies, partly because they are usually more exclusive, sugar babies are a lot more expensive if you do not intend to hire an escort often. You can find out the full reasons why in this post here.


Escorts are the epitome of a no strings attached relationship. You hire one for an hour or two or three, and after which, off she goes. You can rest assured that escorts want nothing to do with you afterwards, unless you hire her again.

Sugar babies are in theory supposed to be the case, albeit commitments are usually longer. This is because there are usually monthly allowances involved. However, there can potentially be cases where a sugar baby refuses to let go of her sugar daddy. This is possible if she knows that the guy treats her really well and pampers her all the time. This is because girls who are sugar babies see it as a financial relationship. However, escorts do it as a job.

What you get

This part is largely similar. Both sugar babies and escorts provide the girlfriend experience.

However, one thing you may want to note as an expat to Singapore is that Singaporean girls are generally a lot more conservative than girls of other nationalities. This means that if you want to take an escort or a sugar baby to a public event with hundreds of people, you may want to check with the girl or the escort agency first. This is because not every escort or sugar baby is comfortable with this. This is in contrast with any kind of one to one date, where maximum privacy is kept.

Do note that if you want a hot companion with you to do recreational drugs, that is illegal in Singapore. If you are an American expatriate, and it is legal in your state to smoke Marijuana or similar drugs, please do not look for a girl in SG to do the same with you. That is illegal in Singapore, as it is considered a controlled substance.

While prostitution is legal in Singapore, and you technically can engage in it with a sugar baby or escort, it is strictly illegal to solicit in public, or to do it with a girl younger than 18 in Singapore. It is also illegal to solicit it online such as the Internet as it is considered a public medium. Keep in mind also that escorts in Singapore are professional girlfriends for hire. While two consenting adults are free to engage in sexual activities, it is different from some European countries where escorts and prostitutes mean the exact same thing. Escorts are not paid for their sexual services in Singapore. While some may choose to engage in it with you, it is not a given unlike some European countries. Escort agencies are also not allowed to sell sexual services of their girls to you, as pimping is illegal in Singapore. Run away from that agency if they do so, as there is a high chance they may eventually get busted, and with your information along with it!


As you can tell, the largest difference is probably the price or rate and the level of commitment. Those are the biggest differences in Singapore between an escort and a sugar baby.


Social Escorts Versus Rent A Friend – Differences

What are some of the main differences between social escorts (e.g. and rent a friend services in Singapore?

Here are some:


There are usually some significant price differences between these two completely different types of services in Singapore. One is significantly higher and more premium than the other.

Social escorts are usually a lot more exclusive and expensive

Social escorts are reserved for the wealthy and affluent. These services usually cost anywhere between $300 to $500 for a foreign escort, to over $700 to $1000 per hour for an authentic local Singaporean girl.

Rent a friend is more mass market

These can vary between $50 to $100 per hour or $150 to $250 per date.


When it comes to services in Singapore though, there is a big difference, and it clearly explains why you will be paying so much more for a social escort.

Good escorts provide girlfriend experience

When it comes to good social escorts, they provide what is known as the girlfriend experience. A lousy escort simply is a companion. A good escort makes you feel as though they were truly your girlfriend. This basically means knowing how to flirt with you, make you feel comfortable and happy as though she were already your girlfriend.

Rent a friend provides platonic friend experience

If you really look into this type of services, you will realize that they are actually not for any sort of girlfriend experience, and is the furthest thing you can get from social escorts.

They are basically renting a ‘bro’ or a ‘sis’ friend to hang out with you. Let me illustrate it further.


If you use rent a friend services in Singapore, you are basically renting a girl who has already friendzoned you… not a very pleasant experience in my opinion.

In my opinion, rent a friend solves a completely different problem, and that is they can liven up a party or event, making it more happening.

expat dating in Singapore

Why Expats In Singapore Prefer Escorts Over Other Types Of Dates

While this is going to be a more controversial post, I know that many of John’s friends actually have engaged Singaporean escorts.

In fact, it seems to be pretty commonplace among expats in Singapore.

John was originally going to write about this article instead, however, I decided to write it instead.

This is because I could not understand why so many expats look for social escorts!

However, after really thinking about it, I start to truly understand the allure of escorts for expats in particular.

Ease of meeting girls

It is really easy to meet a local girl in this way. While it can be very expensive, and controversial for some, truth is that it is easy. If you are a busy expat in Singapore, you probably do not have the time for the local bars or clubs. What is the best way for a career man like you then? Perhaps escorts!

Social escorts are open to meeting much older man usually

Expats in Singapore are usually older, and in their mid 30s onward generally. So this basically means that dating girls in the normal way can cause some issues. This is because Singaporean girls are generally not keen on dating someone who is 10 to 30 years older than them.

Fortunately, social escorts are very open minded! That is probably partly why they are one anyway.

No strings attached – suited for expats in Singapore only for a short period of time

Most expats are only going to be in Singapore for several years at most. Most of them then move to another country to continue working or travel back to their home country. This means that only no strings attached relationships are truly viable for the high roller expats. Whether you are a Vice President or a CEO, a no strings attached relationship is definitely more suitable if you are only in Singapore for a short time.

This is especially the case because many girls in Singapore are long term minded, and will not go out on dates at all if you are going to be here only for the short term.

So why not maximize your business time and fun experience in the evenings or night with social escorts? It simply is the sensible choice!

why do men find escorts

Why Are There Men In Singapore Who Find Social Escorts?

There are many reasons why there are men who search for social escorts in Singapore from a local escort agency. Some of them are single, some are attached, and others may even be married.

Here are some of the reasons why single Singaporean men look for escorts:

No time to date the traditional way

First of all, many of these men are successful career men who do not have the time to date ‘normally’ like most other people in the population. They are usually highly successful surgeons, business owners, bankers or lawyers who work crazy hours. While they may be financially successful, they usually do not have time for a social life and put all their time and hours into their work or career. As a result, they are not able to find and easily meet girls to date in a social situation such as a friend outing, or perhaps even a workplace romance. They spend nearly all their waking hours working and then spend extravagant sums of money on social escorts or sugar dating to make up for it.

However, many of these single men still intend to remain single for a long time. Thus, without plans for marriage in the short or middle term, these men turn to short term dating alternatives with hot Singaporean women through places like escort agencies or even sugar baby websites.

Never want to get married

Second of all, more men in Singapore are choosing to never get married. As a result of this, they prefer only dating no strings attached style – for example meeting social escorts. They are actually doing girls a favour if they do not want to get married. Since they are not stringing along any girl when they have zero intention of ever getting married, even in the long term, I do not think it is a big issue at all.

Lack social skills when it comes to interactions with ladies

Third of all, some men are single not because they are poor or ugly or unattractive. Some of them are single just because they are simply lacking some social interaction skills – with girls! They may have lots of guy buddies, but not so many friends of the fairer sex. Some of these Singaporean men also tend to have been from single gender boys only schools in Singapore during their younger years.

Here are some reasons why married men may look for escorts in Singapore (warning: controversial):

Loveless marriage

Firstly, some men in Singapore are unfortunately separated from their wives but legally married together in a loveless marriage because of their children. Perhaps their wives also have boyfriends outside. However, most men in such a situation will not look for a potential second wife, due to concern about what their children will think. Also, they usually have no intention of looking forĀ  long term relationship when their first one ended so badly.

Bored with the marriage

The second possible reason is that the men are bored with their relationship. Remember, I said this part of the article was going to be controversial! Some men (and women) grow bored of a marriage, if they do not work hard on maintaining the relationship. Therefore, some of these men look for beautiful women – social escorts in Singapore.

Some men are just flirts

Third of all, some men are just always flirts. There will always be men who are unable to remain loyal to any one girl. Unfortunately, they happened to get married in the past, and so continue their flirtatious ways.

So there you go! The above are some of the main reasons why single and married men date and look for social escorts in Singapore.

This is the first post on my blog, so if you don’t see what you are looking for, give us a call or email.

More Coming.