Forest Adventure At Bedok

Best Places To Go On A Date In Singapore – Fun Dating Ideas

Are you looking for fun dating ideas and the best places to go on a date in Singapore? If you are on a tighter budget looking for cheap date ideas in Singapore, head on over here. Otherwise, read on.

Play in escape rooms in Singapore!

escape hunt at Orchard Singapore

Photo by Escape Hunt Singapore

Like excitement and fun for your dating at the same time? Then go to an escape room in Singapore! Now, we do not recommend any random escape rooms, because many of them are horror themed, and may not necessarily be the most suitable for every couple in Singapore. One that we do recommend to you will be Escape Hunt which is also located centrally at 100 Orchard Road Singapore 238840 Concorde Hotel. Their rooms are currently more detective based rather than horror, and thus will be suitable for most couples looking for a date idea.

Enjoy a treetop obstacle course in the outdoors

Forest Adventure At Bedok

Photo credits to Forest Adventure At Bedok

If you and your partner likes outdoors, then definitely pick a day with good weather and head on over to Forest Adventure at Bedok Reservoir Road. It is a treetop course with lots of wobbly crossings as well as zip lines across the reservoir water. It is lots of safe, outdoor fun which most couples will enjoy. Just make sure to check the weather forecast beforehand, as everything is based outdoors! Do not go on a day where rain is forecast or both you and your date will probably be very disappointed!

Have fun go karting in SG

Karting Arena at Bukit Timah

Picture by Karting Arena at Bukit Timah

Do you like something with more adrenaline while dating? If so, and if both of you also loves speed, then head on over to The Karting Arena 200 Turf Club Road #01-01B The Grandstand Singapore 287994, where you can race it out on the racetrack on an electric go kart! While not every girl enjoys such racing, for those of you who do, definitely head over to Karting Arena! With a 545 metre long track, it is definitely one of the better go kart places in Singapore which is also more centrally located than the rest!

Enjoy a romantic time at Henderson Waves of Singapore with your date

Are you the type who is more romantic, or want to end the date on a slower and more chill note? Great! You can go over to Henderson Waves at Henderson Road Singapore 159557 and take nice photographs together, or perhaps watch the sunset!

expat dating in Singapore

Why Expats In Singapore Prefer Escorts Over Other Types Of Dates

While this is going to be a more controversial post, I know that many of John’s friends actually have engaged Singaporean escorts.

In fact, it seems to be pretty commonplace among expats in Singapore.

John was originally going to write about this article instead, however, I decided to write it instead.

This is because I could not understand why so many expats look for social escorts!

However, after really thinking about it, I start to truly understand the allure of escorts for expats in particular.

Ease of meeting girls

It is really easy to meet a local girl in this way. While it can be very expensive, and controversial for some, truth is that it is easy. If you are a busy expat in Singapore, you probably do not have the time for the local bars or clubs. What is the best way for a career man like you then? Perhaps escorts!

Social escorts are open to meeting much older man usually

Expats in Singapore are usually older, and in their mid 30s onward generally. So this basically means that dating girls in the normal way can cause some issues. This is because Singaporean girls are generally not keen on dating someone who is 10 to 30 years older than them.

Fortunately, social escorts are very open minded! That is probably partly why they are one anyway.

No strings attached – suited for expats in Singapore only for a short period of time

Most expats are only going to be in Singapore for several years at most. Most of them then move to another country to continue working or travel back to their home country. This means that only no strings attached relationships are truly viable for the high roller expats. Whether you are a Vice President or a CEO, a no strings attached relationship is definitely more suitable if you are only in Singapore for a short time.

This is especially the case because many girls in Singapore are long term minded, and will not go out on dates at all if you are going to be here only for the short term.

So why not maximize your business time and fun experience in the evenings or night with social escorts? It simply is the sensible choice!