Social Escorts Versus Rent A Friend – Differences

What are some of the main differences between social escorts and rent a friend services in Singapore?

Here are some:


There are usually some significant price differences between these two completely different types of services in Singapore. One is significantly higher and more premium than the other.

Social escorts are usually a lot more exclusive and expensive

Social escorts are reserved for the wealthy and affluent. These services usually cost anywhere between $300 to $500 for a foreign escort, to over $700 to $1000 per hour for an authentic local Singaporean girl.

Rent a friend is more mass market

These can vary between $50 to $100 per hour or $150 to $250 per date.


When it comes to services in Singapore though, there is a big difference, and it clearly explains why you will be paying so much more for a social escort.

Good escorts provide girlfriend experience

When it comes to good social escorts, they provide what is known as the girlfriend experience. A lousy escort simply is a companion. A good escort makes you feel as though they were truly your girlfriend. This basically means knowing how to flirt with you, make you feel comfortable and happy as though she were already your girlfriend.

Rent a friend provides platonic friend experience

If you really look into this type of services, you will realize that they are actually not for any sort of girlfriend experience, and is the furthest thing you can get from social escorts.

They are basically renting a ‘bro’ or a ‘sis’ friend to hang out with you. Let me illustrate it further.


If you use rent a friend services in Singapore, you are basically renting a girl who has already friendzoned you… not a very pleasant experience in my opinion.

In my opinion, rent a friend solves a completely different problem, and that is they can liven up a party or event, making it more happening.