escort versus sugar baby

Comparing Escorts And Sugar Babies In Singapore

In our previous post, we talked about the differences between social escorts and rent a friend services. However, what about that between escorts and sugar babies? These two seem vastly more similar to each other, so we shall dive deeper into this topic today! Keep in mind that the definitions of these terms may differ slightly in different countries. For the purpose of our blog, we will only talk about that for Singapore, as we are in Singapore!

First of all, let us first define what is an escort, and what is a sugar baby.

What is an escort?

An escort is often a girl, who is hired by a client to be his companion. Due to the high amount of money that the client usually pays to the escort, the girl usually tries to do whatever to keep the clients happy, as long as it is legal. Stuff like taking drugs together in Singapore is strictly illegal under all circumstances, and those are prohibited. Some Singaporean female escorts are hired to be an arm candy for a client to an event. Others are hired for sexual services – whether this is legal or not we will leave it till later to talk about. But most Singaporean female escorts are actually just hired simply to be a companion to the client. Social escorts in Singapore basically provide what is known as a girlfriend experience.

What is a sugar baby?

A sugar baby is basically a girlfriend, without the strings attached. A rich and often older gentleman will pay a pretty and often younger girl to be his girlfriend with no strings attached. Basically, they are girlfriends for hire, and there is no long term expectations to come out of the relationship. It starts when the guy pays the sugar baby, and when the girl pretends to be the sugar daddy’s girlfriend. It ends when the guy stops paying or when the girl does not wish to continue anymore. The difference between this and a normal relationship is that it is financial in nature, and there are no messy endings.

What are the differences between a female escort and a sugar baby in Singapore?

Prices and rates

While every escort and sugar baby sets their own rates, there are certain ballpark figures here. Most escorts set on a per hour basis, while sugar babies either set per meet up or monthly allowance in Singapore.

Most escorts in Singapore, regardless whether they are attached with an agency or are independents, tend to charge around $500 to $1500 per hour.

Most sugar babies charge between $300 to $800 per meet up, or $1000 to $3000 per month for a few meet ups a week.

While on paper, escorts sound a lot more expensive than sugar babies, partly because they are usually more exclusive, sugar babies are a lot more expensive if you do not intend to hire an escort often. You can find out the full reasons why in this post here.


Escorts are the epitome of a no strings attached relationship. You hire one for an hour or two or three, and after which, off she goes. You can rest assured that escorts want nothing to do with you afterwards, unless you hire her again.

Sugar babies are in theory supposed to be the case, albeit commitments are usually longer. This is because there are usually monthly allowances involved. However, there can potentially be cases where a sugar baby refuses to let go of her sugar daddy. This is possible if she knows that the guy treats her really well and pampers her all the time. This is because girls who are sugar babies see it as a financial relationship. However, escorts do it as a job.

What you get

This part is largely similar. Both sugar babies and escorts provide the girlfriend experience.

However, one thing you may want to note as an expat to Singapore is that Singaporean girls are generally a lot more conservative than girls of other nationalities. This means that if you want to take an escort or a sugar baby to a public event with hundreds of people, you may want to check with the girl or the escort agency first. This is because not every escort or sugar baby is comfortable with this. This is in contrast with any kind of one to one date, where maximum privacy is kept.

Do note that if you want a hot companion with you to do recreational drugs, that is illegal in Singapore. If you are an American expatriate, and it is legal in your state to smoke Marijuana or similar drugs, please do not look for a girl in SG to do the same with you. That is illegal in Singapore, as it is considered a controlled substance.

While prostitution is legal in Singapore, and you technically can engage in it with a sugar baby or escort, it is strictly illegal to solicit in public, or to do it with a girl younger than 18 in Singapore. It is also illegal to solicit it online such as the Internet as it is considered a public medium. Keep in mind also that escorts in Singapore are professional girlfriends for hire. While two consenting adults are free to engage in sexual activities, it is different from some European countries where escorts and prostitutes mean the exact same thing. Escorts are not paid for their sexual services in Singapore. While some may choose to engage in it with you, it is not a given unlike some European countries. Escort agencies are also not allowed to sell sexual services of their girls to you, as pimping is illegal in Singapore. Run away from that agency if they do so, as there is a high chance they may eventually get busted, and with your information along with it!


As you can tell, the largest difference is probably the price or rate and the level of commitment. Those are the biggest differences in Singapore between an escort and a sugar baby.