Singapore PR Status And Working Here As A Foreigner Is Getting Harder

In late years, Singapore has been known to cut down drastically on the number of new Singapore permanent residency, which is also why some people feel it is harder to get PR nowadays. Additionally, in the latestĀ Singapore Budget 2020, it was announced that the quota for S pass workers is going to be cut relatively sharply over two phases from 20% to 18 % in 2021 and a further cut to 15% in 2023 for theĀ construction, marine shipyard and process sectors in Singapore.

If you look at the trend of the local government or ICA authorities’ actions, it is clear that the amount of new foreigners looking to become permanent residents in the country or work as foreign skilled workers will continue to be significantly reduced.

When it comes to reduced numbers for new Singapore permanent residents per year, that is largely due to political pressure from the citizens, especially because many foreigners used to get a PR status granted and then abuse it without contributing anything of significant value to the country.

When it comes to the reduction of foreign worker passes as well as stricter requirements and checks nowadays, it is still largely sector based, and does not apply to every business industry available in Singapore. Obviously, a big part of the reason is because the government wants companies to hire more locals as much as possible. Another reason is simply because there are more and more qualified local Singaporeans who are now able to work in these job sectors now, whereas twenty or thirty years ago, far fewer Singaporeans were qualified. The ICA authorities and Singapore government can be said to be just keeping up with the times in this case.

I have heard many such similar stories of people finding it significantly harder to get their PR status approved from many of my boyfriend’s, John’s, fellow expat friends now, even though they have similar qualifications as John.

How about you? How are your experiences? Let me know! I am writing about this topic right now because new PRs are getting harder and harder to be approved, and from the looks of it, the ICA authorities are also sharply reducing S passes, and perhaps carry over to E passes and other work passes as well. I hope to be able to voice out any of our concerns on this blog too regarding this issue, as I know many expats living and working in Singapore.

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Social escorts are open to meeting much older man usually

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No strings attached – suited for expats in Singapore only for a short period of time

Most expats are only going to be in Singapore for several years at most. Most of them then move to another country to continue working or travel back to their home country. This means that only no strings attached relationships are truly viable for the high roller expats. Whether you are a Vice President or a CEO, a no strings attached relationship is definitely more suitable if you are only in Singapore for a short time.

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