Here are some tips to help you find Singapore social escorts legally and easily in Singapore.

Firstly, avoid sites like classified ads sites. Examples of this are the now defunct Backpage, and the existing Skokka and Locanto. These are sites where anyone can post anything, and some ‘escorts’ will post their services in the personals section of these classified ad sites. It is well known that the police sometimes conduct stings on such personals section. You can click here to read more about legal alternatives to Backpage if you are sincere about looking for social escorts in Singapore.

Secondly, any sites that offers extra services, or sexual services should also be avoided like the plague in Singapore. Now, the reason for that is simply because public solicitation of prostitution, including over the Internet or any ‘public’ medium, is illegal in Singapore. Therefore, it is usually a matter of time before these service providers – be it agencies or freelance girls, will be caught. And I am sure you do not want your number to be in these service providers’ chat logs if they do get caught, right?

Next of all, if you are looking for a freelance escort call girl, then make sure that the girl is local Singaporean. The reason for that is because Singapore has never issued, and is not issuing any work permits for social escort jobs. As a result of that, almost all foreigners in Singapore who are working as an escort are actually doing so illegally on a tourist pass which does not actually allow them to work. While we are not lawyers, if you absolutely insist on meeting a foreign girl in Singapore, then you may want to try looking for them through normal dating sites like Tinder or sugar dating sites like Seeking instead. If you want to know more about the differences between escorts and sugar babies, go here.

Fourthly, if you are looking for an escort agency, make sure that the agency is legally registered with the government. Almost all legal and above-board agencies will proudly display their company name as well as their full business registration numbers on their own website. You can easily tally that with the government website in Singapore, and make sure that the company is valid and registered. If so, it is relatively safe to engage them, although there are still other factors.

Finally, use some consumer buying thoughts that you would have for any other market. Does the escort agency you are intending to go through or the girl you are intending to meet have any media presence? Do you see any good reviews of them online and recommended by others as well? While the results may be more obscure than searching for reviews, media mentions or recommendations versus other services or products, it is still important to at least do your due diligence before booking a social escort in Singapore.


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